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Garlic has recently had some bad press as it has been shown in trials to cause Heinz-body anaemia in horses, and many believe that it can aggravate skin conditions or cause allergies of its own. Inno-scent is a carefully manufactured garlic,  which uses garlic extracts to provide all the goodness of a fresh garlic bulb, with none of the risks.

Garlic is one of the most popular supplements fed to horses. It is used to maintain a healthy respiratory system, support immunity and deter biting flies and parasites. It is known to offer a huge number of health benefits, BUT it has also been shown to cause anaemia in horses. In 2005 a piece of research was published which linked the feeding of large amounts of garlic to the development of Heinz body anaemia in horses. Although only a small trial, it was widely published and left many horse owners confused and concerned.

Garlic contains a compound known as n-propyl-disulphide, which is known to be toxic to a number of animals, including dogs and horses. The toxicity causes a phenomenon known as Heinz body anaemia, when a little bubble of damaged haemoglobin develops on the outside of the blood cell. The n-propyl disulphide in garlic depletes the cell of a natural chemical which should be protecting it from oxidative damage. As the damaged cells accumulate, they are mopped up and recycled by the spleen, but as more and more damaged cells continue to be removed from the blood the horse will develop anaemia. The symptoms include lethargy, poor performance and a dull coat – signs you would expect when the horse is generally ‘off-colour’. For your horse to continue to benefit from the addition of garlic to his diet, choose a supplement free from n-propyl disulphide, like Inno-Scent.

Key benefits of Inno-Scent as a garlic alternative for horses:

  • Tested for n-propyl disulphide and allicin content, believed to be a cause for most toxicity and sensitivity reactions, including Heinz-body anaemia. Laboratory tests have not found any detectable levels of either compound.
  • A traditional equine supplement for all round health and vitality. Garlic is one of the most popular supplements fed to horses. It is used to maintain a healthy respiratory system, support the immune system and to deter biting flies and parasites.
  • Contains diatomaceous earth as a source of silica for hair and bone strength. Also contains salt which has electrolyte properties to encourage water intakes.
  • The unique manufacturing process preserves all the goodness of fresh garlic, matching the
    nutritional content of the whole bulb. This targeted garlic chemistry is nutritionally engineered to support equine health.
  • Every batch contains exactly the same level of active ingredients with the same potency, unlike traditional garlics which can show huge variations of nutritional content depending on season, country of origin and harvest.


    All horses and ponies


    There is no initial loading rate with this product. Do not exceed recommended feeding rates.


    • Horses: 30g per day
    • Ponies: 15g per day



    3kg bag will feed a horse for 100 days.


    This product is BETA NOPS approved.


    Garlic, Diatemaceous earth, Cider apple vinegar

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