Horse fly repellent supplement, a nutritional approach to fly problems in horses.

Would you and your horse welcome a stress-free, easy answer to reduce fly nuisance?

Nobody likes to see their horse plagued by flies in the summer, when grazing or when working and competing. While biting flies can cause serious discomfort, all flies are a nuisance for both horse and rider.

Think Fly was the first equine feed supplement designed to reduce fly nuisance. When consumed, Think Fly will work naturally through the body’s system to create an invisible shield-like effect all over your horse, providing 24-hour comfort from fly nuisance, seven days a week. Think Fly granules are dust free and can safely be added to any combination of feed or supplements. Using granules allows you to accurately control the feeding rate to suit the individual horse.

Key benefits of Think Fly:

  • Our unique, herbal fly dispersant, Repel-Ex™, combines 15 different herbs and spices which when consumed exude an aroma through the pores in the skin to deter biting flies and midges.
  • Methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM), a source of bio-available sulphur, supports the strength and health of the skin
  • Our unique Devon BankTM herbs put traditional herbs back into the modern horse’s diet.
  • Essential trace elements, including zinc to support healthy skin and coat.


    All classes of equine, including youngstock and broodmares.


    There is no initial loading rate with this product. Mix with a damp feed, gradually building up to the required rate over seven days.


    • Horses: 3 scoops
    • Ponies: 2 scoop

    This can be divided between feeds if preferred. A 50ml scoop contains approximately 33g


    • 4Kg will last one horse 40 days
    • 8Kg will last one horse 80 days.
    • 15Kg will last one horse 150 days.


    This product is BETA NOPS approved.


    Herbs & spices, methyl sulphonyl methane, cider apple vinegar, nicotinic acid