Hoof supplement for horses, a nutritional approach to hoof  care whilst supporting a healthy blood circulation and immunity.

Would you like your horse to have healthy hooves throughout the year?

Based on the latest research, Think Laminitix provides the best possible nutrition for maintaining circulation, soundness and metabolic equilibrium. As well as providing essential ingredients for healthy hooves, a blend of natural, nutritional aids work in synergy to support a stable metabolism, digestive system and blood sugar levels. The ingredients include vital levels of superior quality chelated magnesium with cinnamon, MSM, live yeast and natural antioxidants for all-round support.

Think Laminitix is available in granular form. It is a concentrated formulation for mixing with a high fibre feed, giving you complete control of the feeding rate.

Key benefits of Think Laminitix:

A combination of chelated magnesium & cinnamon supports the body’s natural mechanism for maintaining blood sugar levels. Supplementing magnesium can help restore imbalances that can occur during periods of high grass growth, such as spring.

  1. MSM, a bio-available source of sulphur for nutritional support of the laminae and circulatory system.
  2. Chelated Zinc, biotin & methionine target the hoof tissue to support hoof condition, flexibility and strength.
  3. Live yeast and acid buffers maintain an optimum digestive environment. Live yeast promotes fibre digestion while maintaining a healthy population of microflora in the hindgut.
  4. A combination of natural antioxidants help to maintain a healthy immune system.


    All horses and ponies who are at risk of the effects of spring grass


    There is an initial loading rate with this product for the first 4 weeks of feeding.Mix with a damp feed, gradually building up to the required level over seven days.


    • Horses: 2 scoops
    • Ponies: 1 scoop


    • Horses: 1 scoop
    • Ponies: 1/2 scoop

    A 60ml scoop contains approximately 50g


    • 2Kg will last one horse 40 days.


    This product is BETA NOPS approved.


    Magnesium phosphate, lithothamn, methy sulphonyl methane, magnesium amino acid chelate, biotin, naturally sourced anti-oxidants.