How do you know which feeds are right for your horse? Our in-house Feed Specialists will assess the nutritional needs for your horse ensuring they are getting the right amount of calories and rounding out their diet with the rest of the vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Your horse’s nutritional needs are considered in light of workload, and environmental conditions.  Finally, our in-house veterinarian can address any unique concerns that may benefit from a targeted supplement approach.

We stock many high quality veterinary medicines and products from the leading brands in the business to help owners in the wellbeing of their horses. No matter if you are searching for nutritious supplements or prescription only medicine, rest assured that you will get whatever it is that you need for your horse online with us.

Maintaining the health of an animal and keeping it at its best is a complex and tough challenge. There is no substitution for the advice of a trained vet. We promise and efficient service you can rely on. We provide you with the tools that you need to look after your animal’s wellbeing. The wide range of products we provide offers the ease of shopping from the comfort of your own home. If you need more advice, we are always on hand to help.

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